First Post: No purpose; just love.

This is our first post in the Intaker’s Blog. It has no purpose apart from us expressing our excitement about starting Intaker, to both our future costumers and employees.

To our future customers,

My co-founder, Erfan, and I are both thankful for this opportunity that was given to us to serve you as our customers. We both take this responsibility towards your championship seriously and appreciate the fact that you trusted us with your business, especially if you did so in the early days. If we ever disappointed you, please know that it was never our intention to do so. You may write to us directly at and let us do something to make it up to you.  We promise that your business is (and will always be!) at the core of what we do.


To our future employees,

Erfan and I have been through many projects together, with several ups and downs. Some of you may have been with us since the beginning, some of you left, and others will join later down the road. Let us deeply thank you for spending your time with us, the most valuable thing in everyone’s life. We want you to know how much we care about you, your happiness and your dedication to this company’s success. If the company fails, the blame is on us; however, if we all end up somewhere nice, you are the real heroes of our story. So thank you for staying around and making this happen.


Time to get back to work.



Intaker’s co-founder and ceo

Co-founder of Intaker

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