How to Add Intaker to a WIX Website?

Grabbing the Code Snippet from Intaker Dashboard

1. Login to your Intaker Dashboard, and head into Dashboard > Publish

2. Turn on the switch for Deploy on Website 

3. Type in your Domain Name under Your Website and click on Save

4. Now, copy the Code Snippet under the Deploy it Yourself Section

Installing the Widget on Wix

From within your editor, click on the Settings button in the top toolbar

Then find the Tracking Tools & Analytics option.


Click + New Tool and pick Custom. 

In the Custom Code window, follow these instructions so it looks like the image below.

  1.  Paste your Intaker code snippet into the first section
  2.  Name the tool – we recommend calling it “Intaker”
  3.  Add the code to All Pages
  4.  Place contents in Body – end


Select Apply and save your changes to be all set!

Co-founder of Intaker

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