You Asked, We Delivered: Intaker 1.7 is here!

First of all, let me thank you all especially those of you who came back to us with your invaluable feedback. We are so proud that almost all of our customers are experiencing radical jumps in their number of conversations. Those who didn’t have a chat product on their website are seeing  70% to 180% increase in the number of qualified leads they receive monthly and those who were using other live chat products are seeing %15 to %45 increase at a much lower cost!

We also have some customers who are leveraging their Intakers off-website; sending their links over text message and email to referrals. Those law firms are also enjoying their resources being saved for the preferred inquires.

Introducing new features!

Intaker 1.6 was great; Intaker 1.7 is better than great.


  • Dashboard > Preferences > Chat Appearance


Now you can choose from many different colors and avatars to customize your Intaker. We recommend choosing an interesting avatar (though most are!) together with a bold color to make sure Intaker stands out as a call to action on your website.

  • Dashboard > Preferences > Phone Preferences > Aggressive Lead Generation


ALG is only available on mobile phones. When you turn it on, Intaker pops up full screen after a few seconds from prospective client landing on your website. We recommend turning it on and off based on the objective of your advertising campaign. If your objective is lead generation you may turn it on; however, if your objective is branding and getting the word out, we recommend turning it off.


  • Dashboard > Preferences > Phone Preferences > Instant Call


Instant Call is only available on mobile phones. When you turn this feature on, your prospective clients will be given the option to call you directly after answering a few of Intaker’s questions. We DO NOT recommend turning this feature on unless you can answer phone calls 24/7. If you do not have that option, keep it OFF at all times and let Intaker qualify the leads without interruption.


  • And here are some other awesome changes we made:
    1. Intaker is now faster: We optimized Intaker and increased its computation power to make sure your prospective clients are being served quickly and efficiently.
    2. Repetitive popups no more: Intaker used to pop up every time a user entered a new page on your website. Now Intaker won’t show up for ~15 minutes after a user closes the widget.
    3. Chat times: Your prospective clients can now keep track of when each text was sent and received. Now more than ever, it truly feels like they are chatting with a friend.
    4. Smoother UI animations: User interface and user experience are now better than ever by using smoother animations. Because “If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.”
    5. “Powered by Intaker”: We believe in building a powerful and trustworthy brand. We also believe the only way to do so is to exceed our customers’ expectation every single time and hold our brand accountable!

Any thoughts you want to share with us about the new features? Drop us a line at, we would love to hear them!

Co-founder of Intaker

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