New features on Intaker 2.5 (Must read!)

2.5 is here! Intaker is now faster, more customizable and easier to use than it has ever been!

Let’s jump right into explaining the new features:

Sort your Practice Areas based on their importance

Dashboard > Profile Tab > Added Practice Interests > Drag the practice area and drop it where you want it to be!

After you add your practice areas, we recommend sorting them based on the following factors

  • Looking at your advertising budget for each
  • Looking at ‘Analytics Tab > Practice Areas Overview’ to see how many conversations were started for each so far (Works for customers who have been with us for a while)

Lead Status

Dashboard > Clients Tab > Status column > Switch the status for each lead

You can now change the status of your leads. Click on Edit right next to Status (at the column title) to add status names based on the existing pipeline at your firm. The default status names are ‘New Lead’ and ‘Viewed’; every new lead will have the ‘New Lead’ status and the status automatically changes to ‘Viewed’ when a user with a Partner Account clicks on Chat Details; users on Assistant Accounts need to change the status manually.

Edit Status names:

Change the lead status:


Dashboard > Preferences Tab > Language settings > Turn ‘Spanish’ on

Your prospective clients can change the language of Intaker with just one click. Please do let us know if you’d like us to add any other language by submitting a help ticket from your Dashboard > Clicking on the menu (top right corner) > Clicking on Help > Submit a ticket


Preferred Contact Information: ‘Ask User Preference’

Dashboard > Preferences > Client Communication > Preferred Contact Information > Pick ‘Ask User Preference’

When you pick¬†‘Ask User Preference’ as your preferred contact information; rather than directly asking for Email or/and Phone Number, Intaker will ask the user preference first.

Exclude Existing Matters

Dashboard > Preferences > Client Communication > Turn on ”Exclude Existing Matters’ > Click on Edit to change the text

With this feature, you can prevent the user from continuing the conversation if it’s regarding an existing matter. Intaker shows your existing client a custom message that is editable by clicking on edit.


Multiple Offices

Dashboard > Preferences > Client Communication > Multiple Offices

You can turn this feature on and ADD your office locations in case you need Intaker to ask the prospective client to share their preferred location. This feature is a great tool to capture the location of the prospective client even if your firm doesn’t have multiple office locations.

Ask for Story First

Dashboard > Preferences > Client Communication > Turn on ‘Ask for Story First’

Turn ‘Ask for Story First’ if your practice area requires the prospective clients to open up at the beginning of the conversation. We recommend this feature for customers who practice in areas like criminal defense.



Last but not least, we appreciate your business and really looking forward to seeing how we can improve Intaker for your firm. New software updates are released every two weeks; need a feature but couldn’t find it in this release? Drop us a line

Take care!



Co-founder of Intaker

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