New to Intaker? Here are 5 Ways to Maximize Your Lead Capture [Productivity Tips]

Intaker is a great tool to captivate and engage leads directly on your firm’s website.  However, you can make your Intaker even more effective by following some of the recommendations listed below.  Here we’ll explore some ways to maximize the usefulness of Intaker to your firm.

1) Are you using your Attorney.Chat link?

This allows people to reach your Intaker anywhere, so they can present you details about their case. Including your Attorney.Chat link in your social media profiles, posts, and comments is a great way to promote your firm while engaging with your community.  See our blog post on your Attorney.Chat link to see where to find it!

2) Have you seen our new custom greeting and ending messages?

You can now include a welcome video from the managing partner when visitors first click on your Intaker, as well as pictures, video, and links in your custom ending message. You can also direct visitors to your testimonials or calendar at the end of chat to better engage your leads.

3) Do you use a CRM to manage your leads and sales pipeline?

Intaker can integrate seamlessly with customer relationship management (CRM) tools that allow you to better track and engage your Intaker leads. Use your Intaker + CRM to send automatic emails, texts, and calendar invites directly to new Intaker leads without any manual data entry.

4) Are your practice areas up to date?

Intaker analytics lets you see which practice areas are popular with your visitors, and which areas they ignore. Try switching some of the less popular practice areas in your profile for a smaller number of broader categories to capture more leads.

5) Are your advertising platforms delivering you leads?

Intaker analytics displays referral URL links to show you which sources of advertising are bringing traffic to your site.  Ask us about integrating Google Analytics with your Intaker to track the ROI of your marketing efforts and bring actual leads to your site!

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